Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The choice in yours!

Nobody can save you from yourself or from any bad decisions you may make, and that’s as it should be as long as any decisions you make apply only to yourself, but when a decision affects someone else, then that is different. Therefore if you are in a position where you make decisions about a worker’s health, it is vital you get it right!

Choosing PPE or RPE is often a matter of its cost price, rather than its performance. It shouldn’t be that way, but it often is! The time to change is now, with corporate manslaughter charges hovering in the background, the reclamation of charges to be introduced by HSE when action is needed later this year, and a universal wish of workers to go down the route of civil litigation for what they perceive to be an injustice, an employer’s position is more fraught than ever before.

Do it right, and being able to prove what you’ve done is the only way to go. This also means of course imposing a safety regime inside a company to ensure that all the good work you’ve done is not over-ridden by bad things being done by the workforce.

In the end, issuing correct and suitable PPE or RPE, even if initially costing a little more, is the right decision to take. Consulting so-called ‘experts’ may not prove cost effective and believing everything you hear from one or two suppliers may also cost you dear, so consult your trade body, take their advice on matters of health and safety and remember to stick to that advice, even if it looks to be a little over the top at first.

But the choice is yours!

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