Saturday, 28 April 2012

Good advice or training

To ensure workers are aware of the need to wear PPE and especially RPE, they need to be properly trained. This is an easy thing to say but may be much harder to organise. It’s not just a matter of finding the time for a course or courses but also of how much expense may be incurred.
Good training, training which is actually absorbed by the course candidates, may often be a state of mind. If the course candidates do not wish to learn and then change the way in which they operate, training may be useless and could be just a matter of complying with any legal requirements, and not of improving techniques or safety.
To ensure that operators actually take on board the information they are given and then operate to a much higher standard, is quite a challenge and may often be down to how professional the trainer is. Companies can of course organise in-house training carried by their own management or staff member, but in all seriousness this is not to be recommended. Standing up in front of an audience, especially one comprising people with whom you are familiar or even friendly, can be a very chastening experience. The best advice is to arrange for an outside training provider, even though it will cost. But do not just book the first training provider you find or indeed the cheapest – if possible check with other local companies or contacts to see what their experience has been, but of course do watch the cost!
It could also be worth giving consideration to undergoing online training for some aspects of health and safety via the HTA Rental Industry Training Scheme (RITS). Certainly with Apprenticeships only just becoming available again, the UK has generated knowledge and skills gap over the last few years which hasn’t yet been completely filled. Anything that can help plug that gap is to be applauded. What is most important about PPE and RPE training is that it results in healthier operators. – that is vital!

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