Monday, 9 April 2012

Breathing it in

A disposable half face respirator is not ideal for long term face protection although one can be useful in emergencies. Because of its very temporary life span, a disposable respirator cannot possibly provide adequate dust protection over anything like a full working day, especially if there is a substantial amount of dust generated by the work process. In such circumstances the wearer will very quickly realise that the level of protection he or she is receiving has fallen dramatically and in addition may well find that taking a deep breath is quite unachievable because of the dust trapped on the outside of the mask. Often then the wearer will ease the mask away from the close contact area of the face and take a breath, thus negating the entire reason for wearing a respirator.
In addition, since many companies only supply Nuisance Dust Masks to their operatives which are simply not up to the task of protecting operators in circumstances where there is a large amount of dust since they do not offer a sufficiently high level of protection, then it stands to reason that the wearers of such masks are totally exposed to danger and their very safety is compromised.
Nuisance Dust Masks are so called since they provide only token protection to the wearer. If an employer goes down the route of providing disposable type masks or respirators to his or her workers then the mask one type of mask that shouldn’t be provided, except where the task is only fleeting in duration and almost completely lacking in dust generation, then a Nuisance Dust Mask may actually be harmful to the wearer since it may give the operator a sense of well-being that the mask cannot possibly provide

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