Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Breathe easier

Face Fit Testing, in all its glory, will most certainly create any number of problems for a wide variety of employers. It could be that a particular company may have to purchase a wide range of FFP3 quality half face respirators from several manufacturers just to accommodate the range of face shapes and sizes that its employees have, because in RPE, ‘one size most definitely does not fit all’.
Some people are not suited to wearing half face respirators at all, and if working in dusty surrounding these people may have to wear alternative types of face protection, some of which is quite expensive.
The problems mount however, when operators tested on one respirator are issued with another type or brand – guess what, another ‘Face Fit’ test is needed – that’ll happen, won’t it? Assuming that the respirators issued do actually work and the majority of operatives actually pass a face fit test, then it is virtually impossible for a storekeeper, buyer or manager to take a decision to change brands of RPE without thinking deeply about the long term consequences of that decision.
Such a change of policy can result in a rather large bill depending on the number of operators working for the company in question. But it is not just a matter of the initial cost, what creates the biggest problem is all of the other boxes that need ticking.

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