Saturday, 7 January 2012

Breathing easily

Unlike a Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) system which totally encloses the head, the most common respirator is a half face tight fitting disposable respirator which appears to be manufactured from paper or something similar to paper. However well made this type of respirator may be, its use is only a partial answer to the problem of silica and dust prevention.
With a multitude of designs and a variety of qualities, a half face respirator is worse than useless if it doesn’t fit the wearer properly, and of perhaps even more importance, it may not be correct for the application. Whether you are a user, retailer, rental company employee working on the phones or the counter, of even an external salesperson, the number one rule is quite simple, if in doubt, seek advice! There is absolutely no disgrace in admitting you need help, better to get it right first time than put someone’s life at risk by guessing!
Regardless of the application itself, it is important that if the operator is to wear a tight fitting half face respirator then the one to be worn is, as a minimum, an FFP3 respirator that offers the highest level of protection for most operators and most applications (assuming it fits the operator of course).

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