Sunday, 18 December 2011

Breathe More Easily!

It is a legal requirement in the UK that all operators must be ‘Face Fit Tested’ to ensure that the tight fitting half face respirator to be used is actually suitable for the operator in question. Just as every person’s fingerprints are unique, so is the shape and size of virtually every person’s face. Common sense therefore tells us that one size and design of respirator is not necessarily going to fit every person.
Since a half face respirator is designed to fit tightly to the wearer’s face in order to prevent air from entering around its edges, if you have a long face then the respirator may not fit tightly beneath the chin and therefore may allow dust to enter which is then inhaled by the wearer. Similarly if you have a full (plump) face, or a thin face, or a prominent nose, or a prominent jaw, or you have a beard or a moustache, then all of these facial variations may well render the wearing of a tight fitting half face respirator useless!
Therefore the first thing to do is to arrange for all operators to be face fit tested – but remember this is only the start of the process and may well cause additional problems for the employer and wearer alike. Contact HTA for free advice!

Worker wearing personal and respiratory protective equipment

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