Thursday, 6 October 2011

FSB singing from the same hymn sheet

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in the West Midlands organised a recent event which included presentations by a Fire Service Operative which majored on Fire Safety at Work and of course at home, and H&S contractors on Asbestos Awareness and General Health and Safety. Great emphasis was placed on the need for staff to be properly trained, for any training to be quantifiable and not just a matter of attending a training session.

There were repeated references to the need for Risk Assessments to be completed in order to highlight the safety problems at work, then for those problems to be overcome, and finally that members of staff should be properly trained in all appropriate aspects of H&S.

When one person tells you something, it is a matter for the listener to either take the advice given or not, but if several totally independent people working for various organisations that have absolutely no commercial contact with each other all tell you the same story, then commonsense says you had better believe what you are being told and to do it, however inconvenient it may be!

Particular importance was placed on the fire risks created by the storage of gas canisters, and use of chemicals in the workplace. The Senior Fire Fighter who made the presentation was at pains to point out the huge number of potential fire hazards there are in the workplace and of the need for planning the layout of storage facilities, for keeping close contacts with your local Fire and Rescue Service and for the use of suitable PPE in the workplace.

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