Thursday, 8 September 2011

Why bother with a trade association?

By joining a trade association, a company or in certain instances an individual, can take advantage of the collective thought process and save the outlay resulting from employing, albeit on a temporary basis, a specialist contractor or contractors. Such contractors are usually employed on a freelance/part time basis, in order to carry out occasional, but important tasks for which it is too expensive for the company to have a full time employee on standby. Some contractors may do a fantastic job, but again they may not, for often their background knowledge of the company or the industry itself is not sufficient to allow a top quality result.
A good trade association, staffed by people who intimately know their industry, will be able to bridge the gap and because of its staff members’ specialist knowledge together with that of any Associate Members, should be able to help answer just about any query or demand that members may make, almost at the touch of button. If the association or its Associate Members cannot do this, then find another trade association!
The aim of any member when joining a trade association should be to save at least the cost of the annual subscription every year. This is where Hire Trade Alliance (HTA) comes to the fore since it prides itself on being able to virtually guarantee that any full operating member can save more than the annual subscription without even trying very hard! With its free H&S policy, its risk assessments and method statements, a large number of free operating instruction leaflets, and its online shop which can save members large amounts of money when purchasing everyday items, to name but a few money saving features, HTA represents the epitome of ‘Value for Money’.TA

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