Monday, 19 September 2011

Face Fit Testing – an absolute essential!

What does everyone think about Face Fit testing? Having had a long look at the regulations and consequent advice governing face protection, the situation is quite clear, but the message still seems to have not been taken on board by the majority of employers and workers in industries where a major amount of dust is generated. 

HSE says: ‘Any person who uses any form or type of (particularly close fitting) Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) needs to undergo face fit testing. The operator must be clean shaven in order to use a close fitting half face mask or respirator. In addition, if the operator either loses or gains a substantial amount of weight and his or her face shape or size changes then it could be that new face fit testing needs to be repeated at the end of every week or month! Whenever a face changes significantly there is a need to ensure that a mask is not only appropriate for the operation but also fits the person wearing it’. 

‘The law requires the prevention and control of any exposure of employees and others to hazardous substances in the workplace whether it is a construction site, a factory, or a hire company depot. The problem substances include amongst others: asbestos, silica dust and particulates!’  

Face Fit Testing requires the use of a test kit and someone that has knowledge of what is required. Whilst there are many contractors and/or suppliers who can do this, HTA also has the necessary knowledge, expertise and Face Fit test kit to carry out this essential task for all hire companies and for their customers, anywhere in the UK.

Any company that needs help can call Hire Trade Alliance on: 0121 694 8811 or send an email to: 

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