Thursday, 23 June 2011

Reinstatement of Purple Book guidance on toilet hire provision for events

For some months now I have been involved in the rewriting of Chapters 14 and 15 of the Event Safety Guide (the Purple Book) which has been carried out by HSE through the Event Industry Forum (EIF). I was Chairman of both sub-committees and although the inclusion of Chapter 15 (Waste Management) in the new version of the Guide was a forgone conclusion, it had been decided to concentrate on only Health and Safety matters in the new Guide. Therefore it was planned that Chapter 14 (the provision of Sanitary Facilities) would be dropped from the new Guide but would instead be produced by EIF as a separate online document. However, after continued representations by me and by Jim Winship (Secretary of EIF) of the importance of keeping this within the Purple Book, it has been decided that Chapter 14 will be re-instated in the new Guide. Since portable toilet provision at events is a very emotive subject and one with which all event organisers and visitors alike struggle (there never being enough toilets), it was vital to have the new Chapter 14 in the new Guide. This is a major victory for common sense, and in addition, since the Purple Guide is used throughout the UK and Europe will ensure that the UK continues to lead the way in advice and good practice in relation to events of all types but especially those held outdoors.

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